The idea for this blog came after searching everywhere for books, websites,blogs that would perhaps showcase some of the best Aquarium creations. A single source that could compile and document the ways in which Aquariums are designed and blended in our living spaces, whether that be our living rooms,bedrooms,children’s rooms or even our bathrooms! Or our workspaces, in our offices, in sanatoriums, in hospitals,in schools…virtually everywhere,creating a sacred space where one can appreciate the wonders of nature.

My mission with this blog is to document how some of the best Aquascapers & Aquarists around the world have used Aquariums, working together with Architects and Interior Designers to create these modern ‘windows to nature’.

The aim is to go beyond the usual ‘how to’ and focus on ‘how did they do it’.

May you get the inspiration or that spark of an idea that ignites your creativity and may you create an awe inspiring modern natural wonder. If you do, don’t forget to loop back to this site and share your creation with the world.

One final statement,just so that we are clear on one thing, this site nor the author does not claim to have built any of the creations featured here,unless otherwise stated clearly. All images shown here are the copyrights of their respective owners.

Designed & Installed by TropiCo Aqua,Mumbai for one of it's clients

Designed & Installed by TropiCo Aqua,Mumbai for one of it’s clients


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