An Aquarium As A Reception Desk

The Client was very clear on what he wanted. He wanted the reception desk in his new pathology lab to have an inbuilt aquarium front.

One had to take in to account several factors here, apart from just the sheer aesthetics of the project. One of the key consideration was to incorporate the aquarium at a minimum height from the floor so as not to alarm the fish by the activity around them. This being the registration desk where all visitors would come, care was taken to ensure that the receptionist would have a corner seating  such that it did not come directly behind the aquarium. That way the visitors would not be directly in front of the aquarium.

The second aspect was to ensure adequate lighting and filteration. The lights are a combination of Twin PLL lights and LED lights, adequate lighting for a low-tech (no CO2) planted aquarium,with ferns,crypts,echinodorous and anubias on the driftwood.The tall echinodorous arjuna and echinodorous rubin at the back provide adequate resting spots for the fish.

The filter is concealed in a cabinet next to the receptionist. A wave maker on the opposite side provides adequate circulation from the other end of the tank.

A well executed project and a happy client. Project by Still Water Aquatics,Mumbai.

An Aquarium as a Reception Desk

An Aquarium as a Reception Desk


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